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What's better gin or vodka?

fossey's gin what's better gin or vodka

When I started at Fossey’s in February, one of the first things I wanted to know what’s better gin or vodka? 

I had been a long time vodka drinker and really didn’t know much about gin. 

So I put my bias for vodka aside and proceeded to test the different gins Fossey’s had on offer and find out for myself if gin or vodka is better.

Here’s my findings when comparing Fossey’s exotic creations to the humble vodka I was accustomed to drinking:

  1. Desert Lime got the first Guernsey, given I have been a vodka & lime girl for many years. I found it delicious. Maybe a little too delicious, given I polished off a bottle in a night. Nope vodka didn’t hold a candle to that one.
  2. Broken Heel was next on the menu. I found it fascinating Fossey’s had created a gin in honour of the famous, or some say notorious, Broken Heel Festival held in Broken Hill. I found it delicious and definitely a winner over the kinda boring vodka which used to be my fav.
  3. Next came Hot Cross Bun! This one excited me. I love hot cross buns! Hot Cross Bun is Fossey’s Easter gin and is only released once a year, much to my dismay. I wasn’t disappointed when I tried it with tonic. Vodka really was looking incredibly bland whilst sipping on that particular tipple.
  4. Naval Strength was next. I didn’t see a huge difference to vodka but then realised it has an extra kick alcohol content wise. So, I suddenly saw it in another light. With few calories, more alcohol and tasting delicious with soda water & a squeeze of lemon or lime, it soon overshadowed my previous go to “watching the waistline” drink.
  5. Rose Petal is a seasonal, once a year drop and oh so special because of the amazing rose petals (which are picked by moonlight) supplied by Simply Rose Petals, the gin is steeped in. I wasn’t drawn to it at first, but gave it a crack because people raved about it. Gosh…I am so glad I didn’t let it get away from me. It is an absolute delight & has a very special story behind it. If you haven’t read it, cast your peeps over it here. There really was no comparison with vodka and Rose Petal. Not even any of the flavoured vodkas come close.
  6. Old Man Saltbush also piqued my interest. Made with salt bush common in the Mallee I thought it was a genius idea to turn it into a delicious gin. Having it with a premium tonic such as Fever Tree, helps this one go down nicely. And needless to say, vodka doesn’t stand a chance next to this one.

Gin 6 – Vodka 0 so far

I persisted seeing if I could find any gin remotely on par with vodka and the only thing, I could find even close to it was, Fossey’s Original Gin! But I still rate gin higher than previously consumed vodka because of the taste. Vodka tastes like alcohol. Gin tastes like alcohol with personality.

That was it, my decision had been made. Gin clearly wins. Vodka wasn’t on the table for my social binges anymore.

Well that was until Fossey’s decided to create their very own Vodka elixir!

Impressed, I was, with the smoothness of the drop and the lack of hang over it produced. Although, to be fair, Fossey’s gin has rarely given me anymore than a slight headache after an evening where I had been rather over refreshed! I think it’s got something do with the pureness of the water Fossey’s distil with. Whatever it is, it’s certainly a bonus.

I love Fossey’s gives us the best of both worlds. One where we do not have to choose between the two Queens of clear spirits! And with 20% off Fossey’s vodka (use coupon lovevodka at checkout) this week, I reckon it’s time for your good selves to give it a shot too.

Bottoms up & chin chin, gin lovers!

Until next time,

Fossey’s Ginspired Blogger Girl

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