How to Drink Whisky like an Expert

How to Drink Whisky Like an Expert


Learning to drink whisky like an expert


I now know how to drink whisky like an expert!

If you have been following my blog you would know that it was World Whisky Day on Saturday! This apparently is a big deal in the whisky world – who knew? I confess, I have never really cared much for whisky, thinking it was a little masculine for my liking and more suited to the John Wayne types of the world. I have always been more of a white spirit gal and saw no reason to change. But since morphing into the Ginspired Blogger Girl, it being World Whisky Day and seeing as Fossey’s DO make the best Australian whisky, I decided I should just give it a crack.

After some discussion with the head distiller, Steve Timmis, at Fossey’s, I decided I didn’t want the smoked whisky (peated) and was going to try the Single Malt Single Barrel Whisky instead. So, I purchased my whisky on Saturday evening at the walk-through shop at Fossey’s, having no real idea what to expect with the taste or if I would even like it. 

Why is Australian Whisky so expensive? 

A little note on the price, at first it felt expensive, but then I realised the process the whisky went through and just how special this Fossey’s Australian single barrel whisky actually is. That helped a lot with the price point for me. This is not your average bottlo firewater. Fossey’s is a very & unique whisky.

Whisky Drinking Instructions

Steve had given me strict instructions on how to try it because unbeknown to me, there is a process, an order, if you will, to how you try & drink whisky. (Oh my gosh…again… who knew?) His main stipulation upon trying it was not to mix it with Coke. Well in fact, his exact words were “don’t you dare mix it with Coke”. No worries there, I thought. I can’t stand Coke but surely, I could have it with soda water? I didn’t really picture myself sitting in front of the fire sipping straight whisky like I had seen many a cowboy in olden day Westerns do, whilst chewing tobacco at the same time. However, the expert assured me that mixing it with water or soda water was indeed acceptable. That made it seem much less scary that I could mix it with my “go to” mixer!

I must say I was rather excited about trying something new. I kinda felt like I was joining some sort of club with the purchase of the whisky and committing to drinking it. I followed Steve’s instructions on how to drink whisky like some sort of connoisseur, to the letter.

how to drink whisky like an expert:

1. Start slowly.

2. Have 4 or 5 big long sniffs. It has port on the nose. The first few sniffs may seem a bit harsh. But after a few you will understand the flavour.


3. Take a LITTLE sip. Very small. It will also taste a little harsh. Swill it around in your mouth. If may have a bit of an alcohol burn as you swallow it.


4. Take another small sip. Make a chewing action while the little bit is in your mouth. Then swallow it.

5. Breathe out across your tongue to understand the flavour.


6. Add a little bit of water, soda water and/or ice to your taste.

Even though, I was a little apprehensive, I followed Steve’s instructions on how to drink whisky to the letter and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised. I actually liked it mixed with soda water and on ice. I felt pretty sophisticated and even a little fancy, sitting in front of the fire sipping at my single malt single barrel whisky.  

I probably had a few more than was sensible, but didn’t wake up with any nasty hangover side effects so it gets an “A” from me – just for that fact alone.

One last thing…What’s the difference between whisky and whiskey?

Great question. I had no idea either! And apparently it is a very controversial question with every whisky expert having an opinion on the difference. So I am going to leave this for a future blog because there really is that much to explore with this relatively simple question. 

Chin chin & bottoms up, whisky (and gin) lovers!

Until next time,

Whisky-spired Blogger Girl!


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