How to Make Baked Ham Like a Boss

baked ham

how to make baked ham like a boss

baked ham

Fossey’s Baked Christmas Ham

Just before Christmas, we made something delicious. 
Our very own Fossey’s Baked Ham.
Featuring the most worthy of glazes using Navel Orange, Fossey’s Redgum Rum & our own Gin Jam, this is an absolute crowd pleaser!


Juice 1 whole orange
100ml Fossey’s Redgum Rum (possibly more
1 jar of Fossey’s Gin Jam
Mix together.


Gently remove the ham rind.
Score the fat diagonally all fancy shamncy.
Pop ham on a rack over baking paper lined tray.
Pour over glaze mix.
Continue to baste with glaze mix every 15-20 minutes.
Google tells us to bake at 180 per kg, but you do you with your timing and temp.
Half way through your cook time (or even the beginning of it’s a smaller ham) tip over another jar of Fossey’s Gin Jam for that beautiful caramelised goodness.
Serve up this scrumptious ham however you like or just eat it straight from the pan like we did!

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