Whisky Wine & Fire

Whisky, Wine & Fire
Fossey’s Distillery is proud to present Whisky, Wine & Fire.
Enjoy a discovery of premium world whiskies and a 6 course degustation dinner as Fossey’s Distillery celebrates World Whisky Day.
Cleansing ales and wine also included.

Where: Fossey’s Distillery Laneway
When: Saturday May 15th 2021
Time: 6pm

The Fascinating Evolution of Fossey’s Distillery

bearded man singing on stage with arms out

The fascinating Evolution of Fossey's Distillery

bearded man singing on stage with arms out
Tuesday 19th of January is a big day for Fossey’s!

It is our 4th birthday! And what a 4 years it has been. For those who do not know the story on how Fossey’s was born, here is a small snippet of how it has evolved into a household name in the Sunraysia area and become one of TripAdviser’s highest ranked tourist attraction’s in Mildura! Not to mention, the well-known & recognised Australian distillery trailblazers.

Let’s go back to 2016.

Never being afraid of a challenge is something Steve Timmis, Head Distiller at Fossey’s Distillery is well known for.

And the evolution of Fossey’s has certainly been a challenge.

Steve and his wife, Nadine who is better known as Eddie by her friends & family, bought The Settlers Club around 6 years ago. Known for biting off more than they can chew & then chewing like crazy, this was no different. They were also building their house and renovating another pub at the same time. Or as Steve colourfully described it “that was some sh*t show”.

Originally, Steve had the lightweight idea to make a distillery for whisky. It was going to be more of a lifestyle business with distilling only being done 1 day per week. But the gin gods had other ideas and whilst researching the different spirits he could potentially make, he realised gin was something that could be done whilst he was waiting for the whisky to mature.

Once he made the decision to open a gin distillery, people started looking at him like he had gone a little mad or perhaps drunk too much of his own spirits. There were many who could not see the potential in gin distilling 5 years ago and they made no secret of their doubts. They asked him “what are you doing? And loudly declared “no one drinks gin in this town!”

And perhaps they were right 5 years ago.

But if they did not then, they certainly do now.

Like he normally does, Steve didn’t listen to anyone and got started on the onerous process to make the distillery come to fruition, applying for all the government licences. He had many hurdles to jump because local council, state and federal governments have processes for distilleries to be approved. And of course, he could not start building the still until all the approvals and licences were in place. But once all those boxes were ticked, helped by his son, Adam, Steve got to building the “Stanley the Still”! Once that had been completed, Steve spent 3 months in the still by himself doing the research and development, to get the process right to produce the high-quality gin we know as Fossey’s today!

1 year after giving birth to the idea of creating Mildura’s very first distillery, Fossey’s Ginporium opened with the 4 core products: Naval, Original, Desert Lime & Pepperberry. Pepperberry has since been swapped out for the hugely popular and locally sourced Shiraz.

In the beginning, the Ginporium was open 1 day per week and as it took hold and demand increased, Steve quickly realised he needed to open more. Around this time, another realisation hit. He could not continue to be a one-man band. He had to find some help with the bottling, distilling, labelling, serving etc.

Fossey’s is truly a family owned and run business with all the clan stepping up to offer their talents.

Eddie created the delicious Gin Jam and makes the Christmas pudding which is used to steep the gin in for Fossey’s hugely popular seasonal Christmas Pudding Gin. She is also wonderful with the décor and anything needing to be aesthetically pleasing such for markets and any events. Eddie can be found serving customers in the distillery or just helping whenever needed.  Steve’s motto is “there are no free rides here” so everyone must roll up their sleeves and pitch in when needed. The whole family believe and live by the same thing.

Steve & Eddie’s daughter, Cherie, was starting to transition from being full time mum to working more on the family business. She took on branding & promotion on social media. Her sister-in-law, Kylie Norton, incredibly talented, graphic designer, took on the job of branding and creating all the amazing images we now associate with Fossey’s. Eventually she took on the role of managing the bar, staff, rosters, payroll and according to Steve generally “muscling” him out.

Today, there are 3 female distillers – Tash, Bonnie & April – employed by Fossey’s. Female distillers are something of a rarity in the distilling industry & Fossey’s are proud to be somewhat trailblazers in this regard.

April is Fossey’s newest distiller and Steve’s niece who he lovingly refers to as “Da-Niece” and she lovingly refers to him as “Drunk-le”. As you can imagine, no offence is intended nor taken.

4 years on, Fossey’s has evolved from being a “lifestyle business” to a tourist attraction that locals are proud of. So much for “no one drinks gin in this town!” Fossey’s online presence and sales have grown to such a point as we require a distribution centre to handle all the online orders.

We are also staunch believers in supporting local wherever possible. Over the last 12 months, Fossey’s has sourced everything from the Sunrayisa area except Juniper berries. They are one of the only things that cannot be sourced here because of the climate. Fossey’s import the berries from Ludlow in the UK.

It is a source of pride to our head distiller, Steve, and all the Fossey’s family that out of a glass of gin, 99% of its ingredients are sourced from Sunraysia.

Here’s to another wildly successful 4 years! We look forward to taking the Fossey’s brand into different distillery realms and already have many exciting things planned for the not-too-distant future.

Happy 4th birthday, Fossey’s!

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8 Things to do with kids in Mildura

little girl playing in water outside

Things to Do with kids in mildura

little girl playing in water outside

There are so many things to do with kids in Mildura and the Sunraysia area I thought I might do an article for all our Fossey’s parents listing all the fun things in our area that will keep your children entertained, help you enjoy some peace (hopefully) and make the most of the beautiful weather we have here.

Here are my best tips for things to do with kids in Mildura during the Christmas school holidays:

1.Water Play Park

This one is a beauty! Pictured above it is set by the picturesque Murray River this play park is so much fun for the kids. My children absolutely love splashing around in the sun and I absolutely love being able to relax whilst they are safely having fun! Not only is the view lovely, but there is also plush lawn to cop a squat on and shady areas, which make it much more pleasant to stay cool in the Mildura heat. Best part about this activity is it is FREE! During daylight saving it’s open 10am to 9pm daily.

Hugh King Drive, Mildura

2. Park for Play

An incredibly fun park for all children but this one also caters extensively for children with special needs. As a Mildura parent of children with special needs this park greatly appeals to me because it is enclosed. The park also has a wheelchair friendly swing. It is an excellent Mildura activity for toddlers as well because it is so safe. No chasing down children who decide it is time for mummy to have her daily exercise. There is play equipment specific to age groups meaning all your children (yes even teenagers will find some joy in this park). It is FREE thing to do in Mildura with kids which is of course appeals so much more than activities that chew into the budget. For a cheaper lunch option there are BBQ’s and eating areas too. 

Eleventh Street, Mildura

orangeworld tractor-train with people in it and people standing in front

3.Orange World

You are not going to believe how much fun this place is for adults and children alike! Even the cynical male my children and I were with loved this place. A brilliant family-owned business dreamed up by Mario and Maria. Mario took us on a tractor train tour of the orange farm, and it was hilarious. He has such a lovable nature and my Mildura kids really warmed to him. They did not stop smiling and laughing the whole way around the farm. This activity is relatively low cost but extremely good value for money. There are delicious goodies you can purchase when you have finished your tour too! I highly recommend this one! Do yourselves a favour and check it out. You will not be disappointed.

93 Link Rd, Mourquong

garden maze in mildura

4. Woodsies Gem Shop

Not just a gem shop! This is so much more, and the kids will LOVE it! This family-owned business is a child’s paradise. It has a super fun garden maze that keeps the kids (and adults) occupied for ages, an Aladdin’s cave display of gemstones and interesting artifacts from all over the world. My children and I can spend literally hours checking out all the a-maze-ing (see what I did there) things at Woodsies! This is another low-cost activity for the children and parents to do in Mildura. It is open 7 days a week from 9am to 5.30pm. No need to book. Just turn up. Oh, and you can grab a bite to eat whilst visiting from the extensive and kid friendly menu on offer.

516 Cureton Ave, Nichols Point 

people sliding down perry sandhills

5. Perry Sandhills

Ok so this is another one that is not actually in Mildura, but it is close enough. It is also FREE which makes it even more attractive! Make sure you include this one to explore because it is a fantastic location for a family picnic or outing. It really is a natural adventure park offering a great deal of fun for young and old alike. And if you are feeling extra adventurous you can hire out a sandboard from Intersport Mildura to sleigh your way down the hills for just $20 per board per day. Otherwise, improvise with a yoga mat or the like. With or without the sledding, it is a lot of fun for all the family. My biggest tips are to wear sun protection, take loads of water and wear sunglasses because it gets mighty hot and bright out there.

6km west of Wentworth on Renmark Road

australian inland botanic garden entrance

6. Australian Inland Botanic Gardens

Another surprising little gem just over the bridge in NSW is the Botanic Gardens. Now you might be thinking (like I was) how on earth could this one makes the list for things to do with kids in Mildura because it must be super boring, but you would be wrong! It is a lot of fun and FREE place to visit! The Children’s Garden is perfect for toddlers and children alike. Take water, sun protection and some snacks because your little ones will spend a bit of time checking it all out.

1183 River Road, Mourquong

water splash park mildura

7. All Seasons Splash Park

This park has an activity tower with sky soaker, 3 water slides, mega soakers, spin sprays, splash blasters, water leaves & ground sprays and a double enclosed waterslide with wave catchers! It is a wonderful to see the delight and hear the squeals of joy from the kids playing outdoors in the sunshine. The only reason this one did not rate higher up the list is because it is not always available to the public. Priority is given to the park guests. However, it is heated so you can even go on colder days. It is $15 per person for 2 hours from 10am to 4pm. I recommend sun protection as there is no cover over the water park. To check availability or book in call 5023 3375.

818 Fifteenth Street, Mildura

trentham gum trees and grassed area

8. Trentham Estate

About 15 minutes across the bridge is this stunning winery estate. Now I know it seems like a strange one to put on a list of things to do with kids in Mildura, but this is an activity adults and children will enjoy alike. Picture yourself enjoying a beautiful glass of wine or 3 whilst the kids play on the grassed area around the estate. There are many tables and chairs under trees, overlooking the stunning Murray River. So, pack the family a picnic, water and some ball games. The kids will love running around and playing games.  Meanwhile, you can kick back enjoying the serenity and a glasses of the classical wines Trentham has to offer. You could even build your own platter from 10am to 5pm daily.

6531 Sturt Highway, Trentham Cliffs

There we have it, folks. 8 things to do with kids in Mildura during the school holidays. Remember, a fabulous Fossey’s G&T, is the best way to wind down. Your kids are welcome to join you at the Distillery after days of making memories, checking out the beautiful place we are proud to call home. Pop in to see us at the distillery from Thursday to Sunday 2pm to late-ish. 



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