What’s on in Mildura?

What's on in Mildura?


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Best Places to Eat in Mildura

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Did you know your favourite distillery is now serving food?

And not just any food.

Glorious, funky & fabulous food!

Fossey’s is now one of the best places to eat in Mildura and of course, we would argue the number 1 on the best places to eat in Mildura list. 

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The Fascinating Evolution of Fossey’s Distillery

bearded man singing on stage with arms out

The fascinating Evolution of Fossey's Distillery

bearded man singing on stage with arms out
Tuesday 19th of January is a big day for Fossey’s!

It is our 4th birthday! And what a 4 years it has been. For those who do not know the story on how Fossey’s was born, here is a small snippet of how it has evolved into a household name in the Sunraysia area and become one of TripAdviser’s highest ranked tourist attraction’s in Mildura! Not to mention, the well-known & recognised Australian distillery trailblazers.

Let’s go back to 2016.

Never being afraid of a challenge is something Steve Timmis, Head Distiller at Fossey’s Distillery is well known for.

And the evolution of Fossey’s has certainly been a challenge.

Steve and his wife, Nadine who is better known as Eddie by her friends & family, bought The Settlers Club around 6 years ago. Known for biting off more than they can chew & then chewing like crazy, this was no different. They were also building their house and renovating another pub at the same time. Or as Steve colourfully described it “that was some sh*t show”.

Originally, Steve had the lightweight idea to make a distillery for whisky. It was going to be more of a lifestyle business with distilling only being done 1 day per week. But the gin gods had other ideas and whilst researching the different spirits he could potentially make, he realised gin was something that could be done whilst he was waiting for the whisky to mature.

Once he made the decision to open a gin distillery, people started looking at him like he had gone a little mad or perhaps drunk too much of his own spirits. There were many who could not see the potential in gin distilling 5 years ago and they made no secret of their doubts. They asked him “what are you doing? And loudly declared “no one drinks gin in this town!”

And perhaps they were right 5 years ago.

But if they did not then, they certainly do now.

Like he normally does, Steve didn’t listen to anyone and got started on the onerous process to make the distillery come to fruition, applying for all the government licences. He had many hurdles to jump because local council, state and federal governments have processes for distilleries to be approved. And of course, he could not start building the still until all the approvals and licences were in place. But once all those boxes were ticked, helped by his son, Adam, Steve got to building the “Stanley the Still”! Once that had been completed, Steve spent 3 months in the still by himself doing the research and development, to get the process right to produce the high-quality gin we know as Fossey’s today!

1 year after giving birth to the idea of creating Mildura’s very first distillery, Fossey’s Ginporium opened with the 4 core products: Naval, Original, Desert Lime & Pepperberry. Pepperberry has since been swapped out for the hugely popular and locally sourced Shiraz.

In the beginning, the Ginporium was open 1 day per week and as it took hold and demand increased, Steve quickly realised he needed to open more. Around this time, another realisation hit. He could not continue to be a one-man band. He had to find some help with the bottling, distilling, labelling, serving etc.

Fossey’s is truly a family owned and run business with all the clan stepping up to offer their talents.

Eddie created the delicious Gin Jam and makes the Christmas pudding which is used to steep the gin in for Fossey’s hugely popular seasonal Christmas Pudding Gin. She is also wonderful with the décor and anything needing to be aesthetically pleasing such for markets and any events. Eddie can be found serving customers in the distillery or just helping whenever needed.  Steve’s motto is “there are no free rides here” so everyone must roll up their sleeves and pitch in when needed. The whole family believe and live by the same thing.

Steve & Eddie’s daughter, Cherie, was starting to transition from being full time mum to working more on the family business. She took on branding & promotion on social media. Her sister-in-law, Kylie Norton, incredibly talented, graphic designer, took on the job of branding and creating all the amazing images we now associate with Fossey’s. Eventually she took on the role of managing the bar, staff, rosters, payroll and according to Steve generally “muscling” him out.

Today, there are 3 female distillers – Tash, Bonnie & April – employed by Fossey’s. Female distillers are something of a rarity in the distilling industry & Fossey’s are proud to be somewhat trailblazers in this regard.

April is Fossey’s newest distiller and Steve’s niece who he lovingly refers to as “Da-Niece” and she lovingly refers to him as “Drunk-le”. As you can imagine, no offence is intended nor taken.

4 years on, Fossey’s has evolved from being a “lifestyle business” to a tourist attraction that locals are proud of. So much for “no one drinks gin in this town!” Fossey’s online presence and sales have grown to such a point as we require a distribution centre to handle all the online orders.

We are also staunch believers in supporting local wherever possible. Over the last 12 months, Fossey’s has sourced everything from the Sunrayisa area except Juniper berries. They are one of the only things that cannot be sourced here because of the climate. Fossey’s import the berries from Ludlow in the UK.

It is a source of pride to our head distiller, Steve, and all the Fossey’s family that out of a glass of gin, 99% of its ingredients are sourced from Sunraysia.

Here’s to another wildly successful 4 years! We look forward to taking the Fossey’s brand into different distillery realms and already have many exciting things planned for the not-too-distant future.

Happy 4th birthday, Fossey’s!

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10 Great Places to Eat in Mildura

friends cheers in gin garden at fossey's

10 Great Places to eat in Mildura

friends cheers in gin garden at fossey's

With so many amazing things to do during summer holidays in Mildura, often dinner can be the last thing on your mind when it comes to the end of the day. I have made it a little easier to choose somewhere for dinner by putting together 10 great places to eat in Mildura. 

Not only are these brilliant places to eat in Mildura, but they also serve Fossey’s fabulous bevvies.

Be sure to check them out whilst you are on holidays in Mildura and rate them on Trip Adviser if you had a wonderful experience.

Here are 10 great places to eat in Mildura in no particular order:

  1. Fossey’s Distillery – Of course, Fossey’s is first in line because we are super proud to say we now serve delicious light meals for you to enjoy whilst having a tipple or two. The atmosphere is truly one to be remembered. It is quiet enough to enjoy great conversation, friendly and laid back. You will not find a happier and more distinguished venue in Mildura, than Fossey’s. Our Distillery is kid friendly as well which makes things much easier for parents when craving a Fossey’s on ice. Open Thursday through to Sunday from 2pm you will always find friendly faces when you make your entrance at our fine little gin joint. To reserve a table call 03 5022 8290. Located at 110 Eighth Street, Mildura.

  2. Brass Monkey – This is a personal favourite of mine. Delicious food, groovy table set up and atmosphere! The service is friendly and fast. You can also take children to this little gem. However, I recommend taking something for them to do if you are planning on staying for a while to alleviate boredom. Brass Monkey is open from Tuesday to Saturday for lunch 12 to 2pm & dinner 6 to 8.30pm. To book your delicious meal out call 03 5021 4769. Located at 32 Carter Lane, Mildura.

  3. Sip Cocktail Bar & Eatery – Truly one of the coolest & hip places to eat in Mildura, Sip is a favourite amongst the locals for a drink and bite after work. They cater to vegan patrons and have the most delicious crunchy hot chips I think I have ever tasted. Check out their menu just here. Their cocktails are amazing, and the staff are super friendly & always up for a chat. I would not recommend taking the kids along to this one. To make the most of your time at Sip, it is best enjoyed children-free. Sip Mildura is open Friday through to Monday’s from 4pm. To book flick them an email hello@sipcocktailbar.com. Located at 138-138a Eighth Street, Mildura.
  4. The Corporate Moose – I have to say it, for a regional town Mildura certainly has some seriously cool places to hang out. This is a whisky bar in the city heart with such a fun atmosphere. The food is really yummy. There are menus for both lunch & dinner. I particularly like the American theme. It is different to anything in Mildura and kind of reminds me of a scene from a movie. This venue is also a favourite to listen to live music whilst catching up with your friends. You will find a mixed crowd frequent this unique and high vibe venue. Children are not catered for on the menu so best to leave this one off your dining out list if you have kids with you. The Corporate Moose is open 7 days from 12pm until late. Located at 34 Langtree Avenue, Mildura. To book 03 5022 8608 or email thebar@thecorpmoose.com.au
  5. Thai Riffic – Truly one of the best places to eat in Mildura. With the most intimate setting, the food is to die for and service second to none. The only problem with Thai Riffic is it is so delicious; I find it difficult to STOP eating! Fabulous for couples or groups of adults. I do not recommend this one for the kids because although they are welcome, there is not a lot for them to do. Nor does the menu cater for the kids. Located at 35 Langtree Avenue, Mildura. Opening times are Monday to Saturday 5.30 to 11pm. Bookings are essential. Contact 5021 5225 or email thai-riffic@hotmail.com
  6. Pizza CafeThis little gem right in the city heart, offers a casual setting where you can sit inside or take advantage of the alfresco dining. You can enjoy well priced meals of pasta, antipasto, focaccias, salads and more. Relax in the friendly ambience as you enjoy the aromas of the wood ovens or sit al fresco and soak up the Mildura sunshine. Kids are more than welcome at this venue with the menu having them covered. It is very laid-back with good value for money. This one is top of my list for places to eat out with kids in Mildura. Located at 18 Langtree Avenue, Mildura. To book 03 5023 2223 or info@pizzacafe.com.au.
  7. The Sandbar – A super unique venue to unwind and enjoy some good pub grub at the same time. Kids are catered for on the menu at The Sandbar. The rooftop beer garden and water misting system mean you can enjoy the outdoors whilst enjoying your meals & refreshments. Located at 45 Langtree Avenue, Mildura. Open from Tuesday to Sunday serving lunch from 12pm to 2.30pm & then dinner 6 to 8pm. Contact 03 5021 2181 or malkalms@hotmail.com for more information.
  8. The Province – Definitely one of the most prestigious venues to dine out in Mildura. This up market restaurant is best suited to adults and has a very intimate setting. The menu is traditional Italian dining with a modern twist. The food is lovingly prepared, using local produce chef Matt De Angelo says, “your food is our passion”. Located at 29 Langtree Avenue, Mildura. To book 03 5021 5550 or info@theprovince.net.au.
  9. Stefano’s – The fabulously famous Stefano De Pieri owns this wonderful Mildura eatery! Dine in the glowing cellars of The Grand Hotel in the evening for something incredibly special and an experience you will never forget! Stefano’s food is always second to none and the service is the same. Definitely include this on your “Must Visit List” when in Mildura. Dine without the kids to make the most out of this special culinary experience. The café for breakfast & lunch is kid friendly but does not have a specific menu for the little ones. The restaurant menu is second to none in Mildura. Located at 27 Deakin Avenue, Mildura. To book cafe 03 5021 3627. To book Stefano’s Cantina 03 5022 0881 or info@stefano.com.au
  10. Mildura Working Man’s Club – Known to locals simply as the “Workers” this is very much a kid friendly dining venue. The Bistro caters extensively for children with indoor and outdoor play areas. Food wise the children are taken care of very well with options to tempt even the fussiest of eaters. The menu has all the usual bistro favourites and food is usually served super quickly. I recommend this one for family’s looking for somewhere relaxed to dine with children. Located at 100-110 Deakin Avenue, Mildura. Bookings recommended. To book 03 5023 0531. Bistro opening hours: Monday to Saturday lunch 11.30am to 2pm/Dinner 5.30 to 9pm. Sunday 9.30am to 2pm.

I hope this list makes it easier to find great places to eat in Mildura and you enjoy dining out here as much as we do.



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