9 awards for fossey's gin in 2021 with black background & 9 medals

Media Release - Fossey's Distillery wins NINE MEDALS


On Friday October 1st The Australian Gin Awards released the results of their 2021 competition with Mildura’s very own Fossey’s Distillery bringing home 9 medals, including two GOLD MEDALS for their Navel Strength Gin and Navel Strength Gin Barrel Aged in Chardonnay.

Owner of Fossey’s Distillery Steve Timmis is absolutely thrilled with this year’s results.

“It’s amazing that this competition was able to go ahead at all this year. With ongoing border and lockdown issues and product coming in from all around Australia, and back out again to judges who had to do their tastings and scoring remotely this year, it was quite the effort.”

The Australian Gin Awards once again saw distilleries from all across the nation enter their products in the biggest Gin awards competition in Australia.

“The Australian Spirits industry is a fantastic thing to be apart of. Every year the industry grows, evolves and gets stronger in product development, quality and of course personality. We’re all mates in the distilling field, and it’s one of the most positive and supportive industries to be a part of. There’s a lot of big players in Australia with world renowned products so to go up against them in a competition such as this is always a bit daunting.”

During the Victorian lockdowns of 2020, Fossey’s Distillery undertook a “Covid Project” developing a Barrel Aged Gin Collection by taking a range of their Gin’s and aging them for various lengths of time in different types of barrel’s.

“This was a fantastic project for our distilling team to undertake during the lockdowns last year. It was something fun to do amongst all that was going on at the time, and to walk away with awards for 3 of these in particular has been truly rewarding.”

“We always talk about our Navel Strength Gin being our pride and joy,” continued Steve “so there was no question about including it in our Barrel Aged Gin collection. We let the Gin rest on an ex Chardonnay Barrel from the Barossa Valley and what we were left with is what we describe as a ‘little glass of sunshine’. We also teamed up with local winery Chalmer’s Estate and aged our Original Gin on their Aglianico Rose´ barrel. This is also one of our favourites too and we loved collaborating with the Chalmers crew, so we were absolutely stoked to receive a bronze medal for this one.”

In addition to the two Gold medals for their Navel Strength Gin’s, Fossey’s Distillery also took home Silver Medals for their Original Gin Barrel Aged on Redgum Rum, Shiraz Gin Barrel Aged on Shiraz and Shiraz Gin, plus Bronze Medals being awarded for the Original Gin Elixir, Original Gin Barrel Aged on Aglianico Rose, Frontignac and Kaffir Leaf Gin’s as well.

Fossey’s Distillery like all hospitality and tourism venues, has been at the mercy of ongoing Covid lockdowns and restrictions for the last 18 months and have one very simple message for everyone out there.

“Buy local, and buy direct.” says Steve.

“It doesn’t have to be from us, but locally whether that be in your own town or within Australia, we are all so spoilt for choice when it comes to high quality products. And buy direct. If you can order from a restaurant directly or from a producer or makers website rather than a third party platform, trust us, it will make their day.”

Fossey’s Distillery is now open again for patrons from 2pm every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 110 Eighth Street Mildura, or purchases can be made directly from their website with shipping Australia wide.  


Media Contact: Cherie Gowers 0438512336

bottle of Fossey's naval strength gin with black background

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And not just any food.

Glorious, funky & fabulous food!

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Easter Monday at Fossey’s

hot cross bun gin bottle with bunny, easter eggs and foilage
Open every single day over the Easter weekend, bring friends, family and your fabulous selves and enjoy all of your Fossey’s
favourites from Thursday til Monday over Easter.
There’ll be live music EVERY DAY
Easter cocktails EVERY DAY
Delicious food EVERY DAY
Open from 12pm EVERY DAY

And live gin distillation, you guessed it, EVERY DAY!!!
Easter Monday live music will be Penn & Natalija!

To book your table call 03 5022 8290

Fossey’s Wins Gold

fossey's wins 4 awards in 2020

Fossey's Wins Gold

fossey's wins 4 awards in 2020



Fossey’s Distillery wins GOLD


On Monday August 31st the Australian Gin Awards released the results of their 2020 Gin Awards, with Mildura’s own Fossey’s Distillery taking home 4 medals including a GOLD Medal for their Navel Strength Gin.

Fossey’s Navel Strength Gin is a firm favourite of the distilling team and their response to the news of this Gin receiving a gold medal was solid and with laughter, “Rightly so!”

Fossey’s distilling team made up by Steve Timmis, Tash Faulkhead and Bonnie Seymour, take great pride and care with all of their work but collectively the team have always been extremely proud of the Navel Strength.

“We want to showcase local products as best we can through our Gin,” says Steve, “and so we chose to make a Gin that was citrus forward with an abundance of Navel oranges. This of course allowed us to have some fun with the name of the Gin and the spelling.”

To be deemed a “Naval or Navy Strength” the alcohol content must be that of at least 57%, presenting a unique challenge of creating a strong yet balanced drink.

“We slightly changed the flavour profile of this Gin compared to the others in our range,” says Steve “We pulled back on the floral notes, really went hard with the navel orange and added a small amount of ginger. We needed to compliment the strength of the alcohol and give it a smoothness that may have otherwise been lost had we not changed things slightly.”

Fossey’s Distillery also received a Silver Medal for their Original Gin in the Australian Contemporary Gin Category and two Bronze medals in the Flavoured Gin category for their Kaffir Leaf Gin and one of their best selling Gin’s, the Shiraz Gin.

Even through the current restrictions and challenges given the global pandemic situation, Fossey’s Distillery has remained a strong local presence and has continued with their seasonal Gin’s, their most recent being the sell out Chilli Gin, and the team have recently released a collection of Barrel Aged Gin’s.

“We started to lay down these in June for World Gin Day as we couldn’t celebrate with our usual Laneway Festival,” said Steve “and the results have been absolutely fantastic and we now have a Barrel Aged Collection with 6 varieties! We are very excited about the collaboration with Chalmer’s Wines with our Original Gin on one of their Aglianico Rose barrel’s. This particular Gin is absolutely stunning and we’re also excited about the Original Gin aged in our own Red Gum Rum barrel. The flavour is unlike anything we have ever had before which makes us more excited for our upcoming release of our new product, Fossey’s Red Gum Rum coming mid September.”

Fossey’s Distillery is still currently open for retail sales from their venue during usual business hours as well as having a permanent weekend set up at the new Mildura Street Food & Co. located on Deakin Ave and open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 5pm.

The entire Fossey’s team are looking forward to reopening their distillery again in a few weeks once restrictions have eased.  



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3 Hot Tips on How to Drink Gin in Winter

Fossey's Gin Toddy in front of a fire with 2 shot glasses

3 Hot Tips on how to
drink gin in winter

Fossey's Gin Toddy in front of a fire with 2 shot glasses

Why would I write an article explaining how to drink gin in winter? It seems a little odd I guess, but bear with me. There is a method to my madness.

Before I delve into the best practice of gin drinking in our coldest months, let me ask a question, it just me or has it been extra cold this winter?

Maybe it’s the dim state of the world at the moment which is making it feel even colder, but I am certain I have been shivering more than usual this winter. I long for Mildura summer days and warm mornings instead of minus 2 degrees. I long for sitting in the Fossey’s Distillery garden enjoying an ice-cold Broken Heel & tonic with my friends!

Given none of us can do anything about the weather (much to my disgust), it is really is another excuse to drink more of our favourite beverages (let’s face it any excuse will do), not only to warm our insides but also make time pass a little faster! Anything to help us reach summer quicker in my book!

Here’s 3 hot tips on how to drink gin in winter:

  1. Drink Fossey’s Chilli Gin

Our sizzling Fossey’s Chilli Gin is not too far from being released! And as far as a warming tipple you cannot go past this one! It is absolutely gintastic and will be available for purchase in a couple of short weeks! On cold days it great as an accompaniment to a long winter brunch. It takes Bloody Mary’s next level because of its perfect amount of hotness. Plus, the ghost chilli and cardi scorpion chilli are grown locally. Pop this heart starter on your list when it’s released because I have it on good authority, it will be very, very limited.

  1. Fossey’s Gin Toddy

Probably the most warming of our gin in our current range is the Gin Toddy! You can have it as a hot gin toddy or it is excellent neat! Replace your normal G&T with a Toddy when the temperature dips!

Even Queen Lizzie loves a tipple of Toddy in the palace each night.  I can see why. London is colder than Mildura and it stands to reason, Toddy is her drink of choice, after dark. 

Speaking of the Queen, did you know our head ginnovator, Steve Timmis, actually sent Her Majesty a bottle of Fossey’s Toddy as a gift? But here’s the most gin-credible bit, he actually received a written thank you from Buckingham Palace in the most luxurious stationery. As you can imagine, it was very gin-citing for our little gin joint, to receive a letter from the Queen.

  1. Drink Mulled Wine

Whip up a fabulous batch of mulled wine for your good self on those wintery days and nights. 

Here’s how:


4 Litres of sweet red wine

2 Orange, sliced into half

24 Cloves (puncture the cloves into the orange skin)

8 Cinnamon Quills

6 Star Anise

2 Whole Nutmeg’s Crushed

200ml Orange Juice

150g Sugar

200ml Fossey’s Original Gin Elixir


  1. Combine all ingredients in a saucepan, and heat just barely to a simmer over medium-high heat.  (Be careful not to boil the mulled wine — you don’t want to boil off the alcohol.) Reduce heat to medium-low, cover, and let the wine simmer for at least 15 minutes or up to 3 hours.
  2. Strain, and serve warm with your desired garnishes
  3. Sit by the fire, sipping it over great conversation with your loved ones.

There you have it, friends of Fossey’s. My 3 hot tips on how to drink gin in winter. Of course, Fossey’s is always warm throughout winter with a beautiful fireplace, comfy couches, a fire pit and heaters out in the garden. It really is the perfect venue all year round and of course, gin, whisky or vodka are the perfect drinks too!

Bottoms up & chin chin, gin lovers!

Until next time,

Fossey’s Ginspired Blogger Girl


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What is Gin Made From?

smiling woman at a bar

What is gin made from?

smiling woman at a bar
Australia’s Best Gin Distillery Reveals it’s Point of Difference 

Today I am going to delve into what gin is made from but first a moment of appreciation for our majestic Distillery. 

I walked into Fossey’s on Friday night and let out a sigh of happiness. I felt like I was returning home! And it was so wonderful to see our regulars again and a lot of new faces too.

Fossey’s Distillery in Mildura

If you have ever been to Fossey’s, I reckon you will know what I mean when I say it’s such a heart-warming place. The staff are Fossey’s style friendly. They always have smiles on their faces when welcoming anyone into our little Gin Joint.

I love the way we can curl up in front of the fire in comfy armchairs, catching up with friends over some Fossey-licious creations. Cheeseboards are a particular favourite of mine! They are good value too at $20 each. They include sweet & savoury treats most people will enjoy.

Another thing, I love about the Fossey’s intimate setting is it means we don’t have to raise our voices when chatting. This may seem like a small thing but when I want to catch up with friend’s who I have not seen for a while, this is a blessing.

Anyway, as a newbie to the gin world, I have been on a little bit of journey into everything gin! I have found it fascinating to learn the process of how it is made & what sorts of ingredients are in it.

I credit both Steve (head distiller pictured above) & Tash (distiller) for being an gin-credible source of knowledge when explaining how Fossey’s makes our tantalising elixirs. 

Gin Facts: 

  1. Gin is derived from any neutral base spirit – (Fossey’s make it from locally grown grapes. Not seeds.)
  2. Juniper Berries are the key ingredient of Gin.
  3. A number of additional botanicals can be added to flavour the gin.
  4. Gin has a minimum final strength of 37.5% ABV (Alcohol by Volume).
  5. No artificial ingredients are allowed to be added to gin.

What is the Difference Between Gin & Vodka?

Gin is any white or neutral based spirit such as vodka. However, to classify it as gin, botanicals are added and one of them must be juniper berries. 

What are Botanicals then?

Botanicals are an array of various natural flavourings which are plant based. Fossey’s uses a very unique & diverse range which are usually native to the Mildura area where our Distillery is located.

Fossey’s 9 dried botanicals:

  1. Juniper Berries (what defines gin & formally known as genever)
  2. Coriander Seeds
  3. Green cardamom pods
  4. Cassia bark (Australian cinnamon)
  5. Anise Myrtle (Australian native – aniseed flavour)
  6. Lemon Myrtle Leaf
  7. Mountain Pepperberry Leaf (Australian native)
  8. Edible Lavender (Bella Lavender in Berri)
  9. Organic Angelica root
gin botanicals corriander seed, juniper berry, cassia bark, cardamom pods, anise myrtle, lemon myrtle leaf, mountain pepperberry leaf, Edible lavender, Organic Angelica root
Botanicals used in Fossey’s gin

In the UK & most of Europe, citrus peel used in gin is dried. But at Fossey’s we embrace fresh citrus from the local area & it is added to our gin exactly that way.

Citrus used in Fossey’s Gin are:

  1. Lemon
  2. Orange
  3. Bergamot
  4. Tangelo

This really sets Fossey’s gin apart from most others & is something the Distillers are particularly proud of.

Why is the gin ABV minimum 37.5%?

Anything with ABV below 37.5% will not preserve the botanicals & this is considered to be essential for making quality gin.

Well there you go! The lowdown on gin. I must admit I swell a little with pride knowing Fossey’s use mostly locally sourced botanicals & fresh citrus in our creations.

Fossey’s truly is a unique Australian gin handcrafted from the heart. If it’s been awhile since you have sat down for one of our tipples, it’s high time you had a reminder of why it’s the best Australian gin. Order online today & make sure you are organised for the weekend. 

Bottoms up & chin chin, gin lovers!

Until next time,

Fossey’s Ginspired Blogger Girl


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7 Proven Ways to Prevent a Hangover

7 proven ways to prevent a hangover after a big night fossey's gin garden

7 proven Ways to
prevent a hangover

7 proven ways to prevent a hangover after a big night fossey's gin garden

Oh, the excitement at Fossey’s was tangible this week. All the team were over the moon at the thought of having our Fossey’s community back in the Distillery Thursday. Walking through our beautiful gin joint Monday, there was a flurry of activity and a spring in everyone’s step. Cleaning, primping, pruning, gardening, restocking…you name it, the place was in a jolly spin.

Finally, we are allowed to get back to their favourite haunts to catch up with our mates over a few G&T’s! It has been a long time coming. And given it’s been (what feels like) an eternity since we have been able to socialise, I can imagine there will be a few sore heads this weekend. So, I thought it may be timely to list 7 proven ways to prevent a hangover.

Now I know I am stating the obvious when I say, the best way to avoid a hangover is not to drink in the first place. But I ask you, is that realistic? I think not.

I say enjoy your G&T’s without the worry of suffering from the inevitable & dreaded hangover the next day. Here’s how you can let your hair down, knowing you will wake up brand new the next day:

  1. Drink gin, rum or vodka.

 Seriously. They are low congener beverages which means they are not as likely to cause hangovers. Darker spirits like whisky & bourbon are exceptionally high in congeners & therefore, more hangover inducing. Whereas, gin has very little congeners and vodka has almost none at all. Here’s to Fossey’s Vodka & Gin for the win!

  1. Drink plenty of water.

Alcohol causes dehydration. Hence the dry mouth, thirst, headache & tiredness the day after a big night. The simple way to counteract this is by drinking more water. Lemonade, Coke etc don’t count because they are high in sugar. Stick to water if you want to prevent or lessen your hangover suffering.

  1. Sleep.

Sleeping is proven to help prevent a hangover. After a big night I give myself permission to sleep longer, knowing it will pay off later in the day. Ignore the nay sayers who say “no sympathy for self-induced symptoms”. You deserve a rest after the last 3 or so months in uncertainty & isolation. You do you, boo.

  1. Eat a nutritious breakfast.

Having a good breakfast, the day after a big night out on the turps is one of the proven ways to prevent a hangover. It raises your blood sugar which can be lowered with alcohol consumption. This helps crush the weakness and headache you may feel. Sounds like a great excuse to chow down on poached eggs with toast! I am in.

  1. Stock up on Supplements.

Some suggestions are double up on Vitamin B, drink acai or pomegranate juice before getting stuck into your Fossey’s favs.  Apparently, these supplements contain high levels of antioxidants which can help stop the symptoms of a hangover. Where in the heck do I find pomegranate juice? Think I will stick to Berocca’s, thanks.

  1. Eat salmon before you drink.

Drinking on an empty stomach is not recommended! It would most likely result in a killer sore head & being rough as guts the next day. But why salmon? Well it’s high in omega-3 fatty acids which can give your liver a leg up to detox your body quicker! Here’s to smashing down a delicious crispy salmon before hitting Fossey’s in future. Fish breath & all. 

  1. Avoid herbal teas.

Sounds weird doesn’t it? But herbal tea makes your body process alcohol slower. Therefore, prolonging the hangover. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Skip the peppermint tea with your breaky. Opt for a water or orange juice instead.

There you have it, folks, 7 proven ways to prevent a hangover. Let me know if you have any more tips on how to make sure your big nights out aren’t soured by the thought of how you will pull up the next day. 

Bottoms up & chin chin, gin lovers!

Until next time,

Fossey’s Ginspired Blogger Girl



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